College Football Championship Pool – Penfield Crimson Pride Baseball Club

Crimson Pride Baseball Club 14U and 12U teams are holding a College Football Championship fundraiser. For $10 you will get a square in the championship game.  Most of you are familiar with these types of pools.  You can make as many entries as you want for $10 each. We use a free third-party website to track the grids and randomly generate the axis numbers after all boxes are filled up.  Please see below for more details.


1.)  Sign up for a square

2.)  Pick a square and enter your name, email, and the Pool Password — 1111

3.)  Pay $10 per entry (see below for payment options)


For College Football Championship game:

4 chances to win $100:  Match your numbers to the last digits of the score:  $100 for first 3 quarters, and $100 for final score.

·         (NOTE: If the game goes into overtime, the fourth quarter WILL NOT BE PAID.  Only the final score will be paid.  If the game ends in regulation, then the fourth quarter will be paid.)

4 chances to win $25:  Add 5 points to each team’s score, and then match your numbers to the last digits: $25 for the first 3 quarters, and $25 for final score.

For example:  If the Halftime score is Georgia 17, Alabama 10:  Georgia 7 and Alabama 0 would win $100.  Georgia 2 and Alabama 5 would win $25.



Option 1 – Paypal:

·         Send $10 per entry through PayPal to



·         You must use a valid email address that you check regularly to sign up so we can contact you.

·         Once all squares are filled, we will click a button on the website to have it randomly generate the axis numbers.